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*Bulk Orders* LadyLeoASMR Boxes of 8 Chalk Blocks

*Bulk Orders* LadyLeoASMR Boxes of 8 Chalk Blocks

Bulk Options

Bulk Orders will be pre-orders with a 1-2 week delivery. Bulk orders will ship sooner if available in inventory. Bulk orders may take longer due to customs. If you see the “Pre-Order” for a texture you select the item will arrive in 1-2 weeks (estimated). If “Add to cart” option is available delivery estimates will be shown at check out. 

What you get? Box of 8 Chalk Blocks in quantities selected.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity):

10 Boxes (1 Texture & Assorted Options)

15 Boxes (1Texture & Assorted Options)

20 Boxes (1 Texture & Assorted Options)

*May also be suitable for climbing or other sports requiring sweat absorption.*

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