About LadyLeoASMR


It all started when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I loved the feeling of Baby Powder. It was a secret, as it seemed strange to reveal at the time. Over the years I kind of lost the urge to touch powder, but then developed a craving for powders like cornstarch during my pregnancies.  Enters Pica. After learning more about eating this powder, I needed to do something about this. In 2020 during a conversation with my then 11-year-old I revealed my love of the texture of Baby Powder and he told me about people on YouTube who played in powder as well. I was baffled, yet I needed to see this for myself! This was the start of  something I had no idea would become second nature and relieve a lot of the daily stresses. Ultimately, eliminating my insatiable craving for consuming powder.

I then purchased some chalk blocks and off camera, I crushed! The feeling was indescribable. Both physically and mentally. I began recording videos for YouTube and buying more chalk blocks. Over the years I discovered how this hobby had become a safe space for me. Being able to feel powders & incorporate my love of art & creativity. ASMR is my gray area to just relax and let go. When I crush, I am in a sort of nirvana, and I realized how it also helps others!

My goal is to provide chalk block's that I can crush (My hands are not so strong) and to provide others whether they record or crush in their own comfort zone the same feeling I get when I crush and create. (Creating an ASMR space for everyone). Also giving others the opportunity to experience the texture I feel when crushing. The glitters all represent a part of me as well & are colors & combos I love & others have stated they love too! 

Love & Light Jonelle aka LadyLeo